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Compelling Events - moving, poor service, etc.

Compelling Events: 6 Reasons To Change Business Voice Service

Although no one would argue that your business communications are not important, it typically takes a compelling event before change happens.  New clients and customers usually contact your business by phone. Missed calls mean lost revenue, unhappy customers or both.  Your business communication needs are too important to leave to chance. However, most companies are…

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The Problem with Bundles:  3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Tangled Up

There are lots of articles that focus on the benefits of bundles and bundling your business services.  Most articles focus on getting a “good” price by tying together 2 or more services from one provider. Although this can be true, there are also some pitfalls you should consider before locking yourself into a bundle.  After…

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poor service

The Hidden Cost of Poor Service

When making decisions about business services and technology, many business owners make the mistake of focusing only on the bottom-line expense.  There can be other hidden costs of poor service in the form of time it takes your internal staff to get support and fix issues, if the service does not work reliably. While bottom-line…

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Unified Communications

What Is Unified Communications? (And why it matters for your business)

Perhaps you have heard the buzz surrounding Unified Communications (UC).  It centers around the telecommunications industry, mobility, flexibility, integration, information and everyone seems to have a different definition or if not a different definition a different take on UC.  The definition, or rather the use of UC, that might mean the most to you and…

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off-site work

Supporting the Rising Remote Workforce

Overview In order to appeal to some of the best employees out there, smart companies are fostering and supporting a remote workforce.  This means providing a way for staff to communicate and engage  either through a home office setup or other outlets while traveling.  In addition to a strong brand reputation and offering competitive salaries, companies must…

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BYOD and Unified Communications

The Growth of BYOD Many companies today have implemented a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for their employees and more than 50% of businesses have implemented as of the end of 2017 according to Gartner.  Lots of decisions need to be made when putting into a place a BYOD company policy, including security concerns, data…

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IT benefits of Level365 UC service

IT Benefits from the explosive growth of UCaaS

IT’s Role in Communications The IT Department plays a huge role in facilitating  a company’s overall communications. Quick and efficient business communication tools are an essential element in any workplace. Whether at home, on the road or in the office, productivity relies heavily on employees having easy ways to collaborate with each other regardless of…

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Top 5 Unified Communications Features

The 5 Most Popular Level365 Unified Communications Features

Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of enterprise communication services via a common platform that improves, enhances and facilitates better overall connectivity, information and end-to-end solutions.  Examples of UC features include the ability to make and receive office calls from a computer or mobile device for a unified experience no matter the device. Non-voice examples include…

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Top 5 Unified Communications (UC) Benefits

What is Unified Communications? Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of enterprise communication services via a common platform that improves, enhances and facilitates better overall connectivity, information and end-to-end solutions.  UC service enable users to manage their communications from one platform rather than having separate systems. Who offers Unified Communications service? Enterprise voice communications providers,…

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Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce – How Unified Communications Can Help

Embracing the Mobile Workforce The mobile workforce and innovations to support such a workforce are growing at a very fast pace, thanks to technology. The traditional office is no longer a requirement for employees to communicate effectively, work productively, and contribute efficiently. According to an article by Forbes Magazine, 81% of CEO’s see mobile technology…

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