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5 Business Tools We Couldn’t Live Without

We all have business tools we use at work.  Most of the time, you can break them down into two categories: (1)  Those we like and (2) The rest that we deal with. There are some that are awesome and others that we would just rather forget about.  The ones that haunt you at night…

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Hosted Voice with UC

3 Reasons Small Businesses Hesitate to Switch to Hosted Voice

It’s time to make the switch to Hosted Voice and upgrade your overall business communications.  So, what’s stopping you or your business from making this much-needed change?  More and more businesses are making the change from traditional onsite phone systems to cloud-based Hosted Voice with Unified Communications (UC). In fact, according to Synergy Research Group,…

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Business VoIP

Top 5 Pitfalls of Business VoIP (and how to avoid them)

VoIP For Business Communications There is a lot of buzz surrounding Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and rightfully so. Traditionally business phone systems required onsite equipment and connection through a local phone provider.  There were not a whole lot of choices for the service, if any. There also wasn’t a lot of competition either….

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