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As a collaborative service, Hosted Exchange offers a detailed hosted service by providing access to server-side contacts, calendaring, tasks, notes and e-mail. Microsoft Exchange has become the standard choice of enterprise e-mail solutions, Hosted Exchange combines the advanced features of an enterprise service with the cost-effective standard version of Microsoft Exchange.

  • Cost Per Seat

  • Daily Backup
  • Spam Filter
  • Storage
  • Global Address List
  • You address book is reachable through Outlook Web AccessOWA Address Book
  • Personal Folders
  • Shared Calendars
  • Required for Outlook Client AccessMAPI and RPC Access
  • ActiveSync and PushMail
  • iPhone & Android Support
  • Outlook Client License


Additional Features

Our Hosted Microsoft Exchange delivers multiple advantages – easy email accessibility, anytime, anywhere access to your contact tools, and ready communication. However, the upfront and ongoing costs of managing an Exchange environment can make it an expensive proposition.
Level365 hosts and manages your Microsoft Exchange solution in a secure environment – so you can leverage our scale and expertise while minimizing the cost of ownership.

Have complete control over you account, from end-users to administrators, all the tools you need to manage the services, features and users in you account.  24/7 and 365 days a year, this self-management control panel reduces technical support headaches for admin’s and end-users alike.  Our web based GUI removes the need for technical Exchange administrators.

• Mailboxes: add/delete/modify mailboxes, user settings, distribution lists, company contacts, disk space, public folders and more.

• Wireless service: control your BlackBerry®, and ActiveSync wireless email users.

• The End-User GUI allows forgotten password resets, scripts to auto-configure desktops and mobile devices as well as change other settings based on admin assigned rights.

At Level365, you will receive the level of support you can expect from a local service provider. Move your business to the cloud. And step up to a whole new level.